Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The odd case of Jerry "Moneylove" Gillies

For the past, oh, 15 years or so, I’ve occasionally wondered, whatever happened to Jerry Gillies?

I’m a longtime self-help junky. For more than two decades, I’ve gobbled up hundreds of business books and audiotapes (and CDs) — Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Tony Robbins, I’ve read or heard ’em all.

One of my favorites was always Jerry Gillies, who wrote a terrific book on prosperity consciousness called Moneylove back in the late 1970s. Gillies followed that up with a wonderful set of tapes for Nightingale-Conant in 1988, a kind of audio “sequel” to the book, again titled Moneylove. I devoured Jerry’s material at the time, met him at a seminar in the early ’90s, and then lost track of him. Actually, Gillies seemed to drop off the face of the planet. He wrote no new books. No new audio products appeared. Internet searches revealed nothing.

In the past ten years, I’ve probably re-read Moneylove twice and listened to that six-pack of tapes at least a half-dozen times. I still think those two items are among the best prosperity, how-to-deal-with-money products I’ve ever come across. I recommend them both highly, if you can find them (both are out of print; I recently saw a tattered paperback copy of the book for sale online with a $45 price tag).

So what indeed ever happened to Jerry Gillies?

Well, this past weekend, I stumbled across Jerry’s new blog. I was thrilled to have finally located him. But I was startled to learn that just last August, Gillies was paroled from Folsom State Prison after 12 years of incarceration! His crime? Attempting to hijack a motorhome in 1996! A real WTF moment for me. Here’s Jerry:

“I had originally been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for an investment scheme involving underwriting bonds in Europe. It had paid off successfully for eight years, when something went wrong — I still don't know what, but the bottom line was all the money was supposed to come back through one of the most respected banks in England, Barings, and you may remember they had one of the biggest bank busts in history in 1995. I then went a little crazy as the date approached for me to report to federal prison. I decided I needed to avoid prison — I was panicking — by stealing a motorhome and becoming a fugitive, since I had almost no money, having lost it all in the overseas investment.”

There’s much more to this crazyass story. And if you’ve ever read Moneylove or heard Jerry Gillies speak, you’re gonna want to check out his blog and read all about it. (And also learn about his current efforts to get back on his financial feet.)

But I want to end this by making one very important point: nothing Jerry Gillies did, from ripping off investors to stealing a motorhome, negates the positive and valuable messages of his books and audio sessions. That’d be like disregarding the brilliance of Atlas Shrugged because Ayn Rand was, at times, well, a tad kooky.

I’m keeping positive thoughts about Jerry Gillies and wish him well. And I’ll probably be reading Moneylove again in the next week or two.

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At 12:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How serendipitous to find this today! I'd done a Google about prosperity consciousness and saw Jerry's name. I too had the MONEYLOVE book in the '70's. If I can find it again today, I'll have it again. It changes your thinking. No matter how far you stray away from the preceptsion, when you hit a recession or an economic slump, much of the wisdom returns.

Now that Mr. Gillies has paid his debt to society, and I'm not sure what the debt was but it is paid, I wish him more prosperity and the best on his new path in life.

At 2:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I at one time had a copy of moneylove in every room in my house. I also have about 10 copys of the tape program's and have listened to them over 500 times. I can't believe Jerry would do anything to hurt anyone.I somehow have a hard time beliving it was him but anyways it could be the Cal. air or something he ate or drank but I support him and look forward in the new moneylove for 2010 hopefully comming out soon? Good health and success Jerry..

At 3:36 AM, Blogger rodger said...

wow what a crazy story i was given the book moneylove a long time ago and really enjoyed the book i wish jerry all the best ps does anyone know where i can find a copy of this book?

At 12:38 PM, Blogger lorigayle said...

I met Jerry at a workshop he gave when we both lived in Southern CA. I dated him a couple of times and wish I had not. I would have rather remembered him by his book, one of the best I've read on prosperity. I wondered what happened to him. I hope he is well.

At 4:58 AM, Anonymous Ed said...

I too am a Moneylove fan. One of my favorite places to find older books is at www.abebooks.com. If you're lucky, you will find both the book and the tapes there. Good luck to Jerry and all of you. Enjoy the recession; go out there and make something happen.

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At 5:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just reading jerry's blog and was flabergasted at the Folsom stay. I recently bought a used copy on Amazon for $1.99 + shipping! There are several editions-look for all of them. Other editions I saw were in the $40.00 range. I sold my last copy a couple of years ago-bought it at a used book store in Florida for $2.00-sold it for $50.00! It's worth looking for. I also, am a big fan of "Money is My Friend" by Phil Laut. Both author's are highly recommended.

Dean Phillips

At 8:30 AM, Blogger John Allred said...

Wally, thanks for the update on Jerry. I'm coming to it a couple of years later after doing a google search on MoneyLove.

MoneyLove was fun and goofy. But it was done by a guy with no apparent dishonesty. I listened to it, probably, as many times as you did. A shame that Jerry got himself so cross-ways with society. He had some good books/audio products in him. Perhaps whatever he's done or will do since getting out will be more poignant.

At 9:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came across my copy of Moneylove a just a few days ago and began re-reading it after reading it in 1983. Glad I kept it all these years and though several moves.

At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came across your blog when I too was looking for the book MoneyLove after doing a search for Jerry Gillies on Google. Thanks for providing the info! He's now made the MoneyLove book available in PDF format on his site http://moneyloveblog.com along with the audio tape series that are now downloadable AND has written a new book called MoneyLove 3.0.I haven't read the new book yet (re reading the original first) but can't wait to start on that one soon.


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