Friday, March 25, 2005

Prepare to be enchanted!

I've read more than two dozen novels by Dean Koontz. This one, Life Expectancy, is his latest. It's a suspense thriller about a pastry chef and his family and how they're terrorized for more than three decades by homicidal circus clowns and aerialists. It is also about God, faith, determination, love, and real Evil. Koontz writes:
"We need to laugh at the irrationality of evil, for in doing so we deny evil's power over us, diminish its influence in the world, and tarnish the allure it has for some people."
I just finished reading Life Expectancy. It's a thrill ride of a novel. It's also poignant and funny as hell. I have learned something from every book by Dean Koontz I've read. I've learned more from this one than from any of the others. There is wisdom here. There is one hell of a story here. Read it.


And prepare to be enchanted!


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