Thursday, May 12, 2005

Keeping America safe from...thongs?

Angela Keaton, station manager of KOOP 91.7 in Austin, Texas, and host of the weekly "Liberated Space" radio program, has posted a letter written to Rear Admiral David Stone, USN (Ret.), Assistant Secretary of Security for the Transportation Security Administration. Dated yesterday, it reads:
Dear Admiral Stone:

Today, I flew out of Austin Bergstrom Airport on XXXXX flight XXX to Los Angeles International. When I pulled my bag off the carousel, all of my possessions flew out. As my underwear traveled around the carousel, I tried to reassemble my bag and, quelle surprise, I found a TSA "notice of inspection."

As a frequent flyer, my luggage is often the choice for the random search. As an American, I realize it is crucial to the nation's security to have my corset, stockings and thong panties handled by as many agents as possible. As such, please remind the great patriots to zip up the bags after they do their brave and noble work.


Angela XXXXX


At 11:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Conger:

We are talking about high quality thongs here--Frederick's of Hollywood in Hollywood. The nerve of these people!!

By the way, I am no longer the station manager at KO.OP. My parents married me off to one of the Reason editors so I am merely another LA housewife
against the warfare/welfare state.


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