Monday, May 30, 2005

Why I love France

France Rejects EU Treaty, Europe Faces Crisis”

This is the headline on a Reuters report today that French voters overwhelmingly rejected the European Union’s constitution on Sunday. Reuters reported that this defeat of the EU constitution “[plunged] the EU into crisis and [dealt] a possibly fatal blow to a pact designed to make it run smoothly.”

News media abroad and here in the U.S. is claiming that the French vote is a devastating blow to a European free market. Of course, it’s nothing of the kind. Rather, it’s a devastating blow against the decades-long effort to politically centralize Europe.

Let freedom reign!


At 4:29 PM, Blogger freeman said...

Good news.

Leave it to Tech Central Station to publish an article that paints this vote as being anti-free market in nature. Sure, many of those who voted no have different reasons for opposing the EU Constitution than you and I, but it's one of those instances where even a broken clock ends up being right twice a day.

That site seems to be on a mission to damage genuine libertarianism by equating terms like "libertarian" and "free markets" with imperialism and corporate statism.


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