Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rothbard made easy

There are a lot of good ideas floating around out there. But occasionally, someone like my friend B.K. Marcus comes up with a really outstanding idea -- like Economics 101, a single MP3 CD containing nine complete Murray Rothbard lectures on economics from the ground up. B.K. does a lot of work for the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and he writes, "This one's my baby. My brain child. I conceived it. I nurtured it from a pup. I can't take responsibility for Chad's beautiful visual design, or for the genius of Rothbard's teaching, but it's mine anyway. I couldn't be more proud."

I've been reading Rothbard since I was 16. But I also had the good fortune to hear him lecture and even speak with him several times over 24 years. The first time was at USC in 1970, at the "Left-Right Festival of Liberation" sponsored by Rampart College and the California Libertarian Alliance; I believe that was billed as Murray's "first West Coast appearance." The last time was in late 1994, just a couple of months before his death, at a meeting of the John Randolph Club in Arlington, Virginia. As great a writer as Murray was, there was nothing quite like listening to him. He was a great teacher, and he was funny as hell. And his laugh was unforgettable.

Economics 101 is described at the site as "free-wheeling, generously peppered with anecdotes, packed with humor." But the site adds, "After listening to these ten hours of audio, you will know more real economics than most econ majors."

This CD is the kind of concussion device we need to place in the hands of family and friends who still don't "get it" when we shake our heads at the latest government tamperings with the market. Thanks, Murray. And thanks, B.K., for dreaming up this wonderful educational tool.


At 7:58 AM, Blogger Happy Curmudgeon said...

Thanks a bunch for posting this. Having been 'converted' to libertarianism by For A New Liberty back in the late 70's, I'd love to hear what he sounded like.


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