Monday, November 07, 2005

On the Freedom Trail

I’ll be “on the road” quite a bit during the next two weeks.

This coming Friday, I’ll point the Accord southeast toward Phoenix and drive almost 600 miles to the 2005 Freedom Summit, which plays out Saturday and Sunday. Speakers include James Bovard, George H. Smith, comrade blogger Sunni Maravillosa, and my cousin Jane Conger Shaffer (wife of Butler).

Then it’s back home for three days until the following Friday (November 18), when I’ll turn northward and drive 232 miles to Burt Blumert’s two-day benefit seminar for (Gold, Freedom, and Peace) in San Mateo. Speakers will include Lew Rockwell (natch), Justin Raimondo, Anthony Gregory, my old pal Butler Shaffer (Jane’s husband), and Cindy Sheehan (yes, that Cindy Sheehan).

I’m expecting some enlightenment and good fellowship on both weekends. And if any readers of this blog plan to attend either event, I hope you’ll let me know. We should certainly make an effort to connect.


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