Monday, January 16, 2006

Let's lead, not fight, the Left

Agorist comrade Brad Spangler posts still another stirring call to Left Libertarians this morning:

“I believe that in the period since the demise of the Soviet Union, both the radicals and moderates among the left have been subconsciously seeking a new radical creed to orient themselves upon to replace Marxism.

“I’m a radical libertarian, an anarchist specifically and most specifically an Agorist. I believe that radical libertarians, such as myself, will be most effective when they overcome any lingering right wing cultural contamination of their libertarian views and embrace their inherent radicalism — which is most at home on the left. For as the radicals go, so do the moderates grudgingly follow in small steps. ...

“It’s time for libertarians to stop fighting the left and take up the challenge of leading the left.”



At 1:11 PM, Blogger jomama said...

Leading any political group anywhere seems a contradiction in terms for an Agorist or a radical individualist.

And left or right, still the same old shit on either wing with a little different flavor.


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