Monday, June 05, 2006

DiLorenzo: "Liberty & American Civilization"

Tom DiLorenzo, author of The Real Lincoln and the upcoming Lincoln Unmasked, launched into his five-day, ten-lecture seminar for the Mises Institute today, Liberty and American Civilization. The first two lectures, on Lincoln’s tariff war against the South and the triumph of mercantilism in the U.S., are already available as free downloadable MP3 files.

I began listening to DiLorenzo this afternoon, and his meticulously researched talks are absolutely devastating to the Lincoln Cult. But the seminar won’t be limited to material on Lincoln. Later in the week, lectures will include: “The Revolution of 1913,” “The Myth of Natural Monopoly,” “The Truth about the Great Depression,” and “Is Voluntary Government Possible?”

Keep your eye on the availability of new downloads all week. This seminar is not to be missed.


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