Tuesday, August 29, 2006

MLL's tactical guide is back in print!

Even in a digital era when we can carry favorite books on a Palm Pilot, there’s still comfort in being able to pull a cherished copy of, say, On the Road or Walden out of your backpack for quick reference. So it’s nice to finally have Samuel Edward Konkin III’s seminal New Libertarian Manifesto available again in hardcopy form. Since it first appeared in 1980, NLM has always been the strategic and tactical guide for Left Libertarians of the agorist persuasion. It is essential reading, and I applaud Victor Koman and KoPubCo, the original publisher, for reissuing it.

Besides the correction of some persistent typos from past versions and minor changes for the sake of clarity, this nicely bound trade paperback is NLM “as it was” two decades ago. As Vic says in his preface to this 25th anniversary edition, New Libertarian Manifesto remains “an historical piece of living theory that continues to grow to this day.”

But here’s the real benefit to picking up this new edition. Upon NLM’s first publication in 1980, SEK3 solicited criticism from the then-major, distinct poles of libertarian thought — Murray Rothbard, Robert LeFevre, and Erwin S. Strauss. Those critiques later appeared in the premier issue of Strategy of the New Libertarian Alliance (May 1981), accompanied by Sam’s responses. All of that fascinating material is now conveniently appended to the book. Very, very cool.

Order a copy of the 25th anniversary edition of New Libertarian Manifesto right here.


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