Saturday, September 30, 2006

Two Brits and a sofa

Gee, I love podcasts...and here’s another good one: Starship Sofa. It’s just two sci-fi geeks from the UK named Tony and Ciaran, chewin’ the fat about their favorite literature. But they do it in a most unique way. Take, for instance, their very first episode. The half-hour was dedicated to a discussion about the great Alfred Bester, but it occasionally drifted off in umpteen different directions and onto all sorts of interesting topics. Yet, somehow, the show tied together quite nicely, and everything managed to have, if tenuously, some relevance to Bester. Very cool. This seems to be the regular pattern of Starship Sofa — and it works! Go here to find MP3 downloads of all the episodes, which include chats about John Brunner, Phil Dick (a three-parter), and even oddball items like the old movie Dark Star. There are few more pleasant ways to spend an afternoon than with these two delightful Brits.


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