Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hardy Awards 2006

Claire Wolfe today announced the winners of the 2006 Hardy Awards for best freedom-oriented films. I joined Claire and webmaster Oliver Del Signore again this year in choosing the Judges’ Awards; Claire’s readers (maybe you) also voted in each category, resulting in the People’s Choice Awards. Predictably and deservingly, V for Vendetta won both awards in the Best Film category. But there was plenty of disagreement and revelation in the other categories — Best Documentary, Best Foreign-Language Film, and Hall of Fame. Check the link above for Claire’s report on the full results.

This time around, we judges also bestowed some “oddball awards” for our favorite moments, characters, features, bugs, and quirks in recent movies. Among my favorites:

Hottest Freedom Fighter (Male Perspective): Milla Jovovich as Violet Song jat Shariff in Ultraviolet

Lead Character You’d Most Like to Beat with a 2x4: A tie: Bruno Ganz as Hitler in Downfall, Anthony Hopkins as Nixon in Nixon

Most Authentic Portrayal of a Cop: Benicio Del Toro as Jackie Boy in Sin City

Best Song Segue into Closing Credits — Ever: The Rolling Stones’ “Street Fighting Man” in V for Vendetta


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