Saturday, December 23, 2006

Xmas on Route 666

We'll hit the road this afternoon for my mother-in-law’s house, some 300 miles north of us, to spend four days for Christmas. Ironically, a 2003 movie titled Dead End arrived in the mail yesterday from Netflix. It’s something that Netflix “recommended” to me, based on earlier rentals. I think you’ll understand why the plot summary on the DVD’s sleeve deterred me from watching the movie last night:

“Dreading the drive he’s made to his mother-in-law’s house for Christmas for the past two decades, Frank (Ray Wise) takes a shortcut this year to save time. He’ll wish he hadn’t when he crosses paths with a strange woman who drifts through the forest on a killing spree; a driverless car transporting the bodies follows behind, and those who survive fall prey to insanity. Will Frank’s detour turn into a hell on earth he may never be able to escape?”

I’m glad we’ll have our dog Cheyenne in the car for this trip. But maybe I should slip a handgun under the front seat. Dead End can wait for my return next Wednesday.

Have a happy.


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