Monday, June 02, 2008

Home renovations, part two

Last year, Debbie and I endured six full months — right up until Christmas Day — of remodeling the interior of our house: new floors, built-ins, countertops, doors, the works. Today, a much smaller “phase two” began: replacement of a 22-year-old wood shake roof with fire-resistant asphalt shingles. After six straight hours of scraping and banging while the guys take off the old roof, I notice right now…quiet. Maybe they’re done for the day.

I’m told that today’s noise is nothing compared with what I can expect over the rest of the week, when they start stapling down the new shingles. Thankfully, the job should be done by Friday, maybe even Thursday.

Phase three commences later this month: landscaping the front and back yards. Oh goody.



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