Sunday, September 28, 2008

Buy a piece of Left Libertarian history

OK, the first 2008 presidential debate is behind us, and Election Day is just a few weeks away. So it’s time to officially launch CounterCampaign ’08. And what better way to do so than to get your mitts on one of these few remaining original “Vote for Nobody” buttons? Longtime comrade Vic Koman has just a few buttons remaining from the original CounterCampiagn ’76 stock, manufactured when Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter were trading punches for the throne. Vic says these buttons are “in very fine condition, though some have lost a portion of the sheen on their metal backings.” Heck, they’re only $3.20 apiece. I’ve proudly worn my “Vote for Nobody” button every election season for more than 25 years. And you can buy a piece of this wearable and oh-so-relevant Libertarian Leftist history for yourself right here.

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