Sunday, January 02, 2005

Are the Democrats STUPID?

Stephan Kinsella posted an intriguing piece on the blog a few days back.

"I am amazed at the left's stupidity," he writes. "Why they need to anchor their image to the vapid Hollywood and libertine types is beyond me. Their basic thrust should be some kind of mildly populist, redistributionist, soft-socialist but culturally conservative platform. The Democrats could slough off the unnecessary negatives, and win big, by adopting something along the following..."

Kinsella then goes on to list six points, which include a form of universal health care (with medical vouchers) and Social Security reform.

"Not that these would be good things," concludes libertarian Kinsella, "but they could help them get more votes."

Actually, much of what Kinsella suggests tongue-in-cheek for the Dems sounds like the platform the Republicans are already creating for themselves.


At 2:46 PM, Blogger Stephan Kinsella said...

My comments were not really tongue in cheek; I'm quite serious. I don't see why the dems don't do this. They have been hijacked by the libertines and glitterati. Your average Bubba votes Republican because he's sick of his "unsophisticated" or culturally traditioanl or conservative life being ridiculed and condescended to by the pretty boys of the left.

But I think you have a good point about Republicans. Their problem is they are always lagging behind the Dems on the welfare issues.


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