Thursday, February 10, 2005

Needed: more libertarian femme fatales

Maybe what this often stodgy movement of ours really needs to help with recruitment of activists are more provocative freedom-fighters like "anarcho-objectivist" Angela Keaton, station manager of KOOP 91.7 in Austin, Texas, and host of the weekly "Liberated Space" radio program. She writes of herself:
"Utterly devoid of spirituality, she is an atheist, spinster and cranky old maid. ... The New York born loner runs an editing service out of her root cellar. She often answers her phone with the greeting, 'Jesus Christ! Who the hell is it now?!' "
Angela's site features lots of archived radio shows (very good interviews with the likes of James Bovard, Joseph Sobran, and L. Neil Smith), some hardline anarchist and antiwar ranting, and plenty of cheesecake photos of Angela like the one featured here.

It's nice that libertarianism has some sex appeal.


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