Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Had enough government yet?

Today on the LewRockwell.com blog, Norman Singleton asks us to "consider these little gems buried in the transportation bill that recently passed the House of Representatives."

The bill, Singleton reveals:
  • authorizes $25 million for grants to states that have a law requiring children ride in child safety seats that meet federal standards.
  • requires the federal government to establish uniform "guidelines" to prevent the use of vehicles designed for between nine and 15 passengers to transport children to and from school events.
  • creates new federal fines and penalties for violating new federal regulations regarding the shipping of household goods.
"So in the land of the free," Singleton concludes, "you cannot take your baby from the hospital, pick up your child and his friends after school, or use professionals to help you move without being subjected to federal regulations."

Hey, friends...had enough government yet?


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