Thursday, April 21, 2005

Imagine that! Benedict XVI is anti-war

On the blog this afternoon, Thomas DiLorenzo reveals that the new Pope, Benedict XVI, named himself after Benedict XV primarily because of the latter's anti-war activism. It seems Benedict XV (Pope from 1914 to 1922) opposed The War To End All Wars (i.e., WWI or The Great War) and even delivered a Plea for Peace in 1917, demanding an end to hostilities.

Writes DiLorenzo:
"The neocons have been going berserk (their specialty) over how the Left has been criticizing the new Pope, but they're sure to turn on him as well. Shortly after John Paul's death, Bill O'Reilly used his forum on the Neocon News Channel to insinuate that the pontiff was opposed to the war in Iraq because he had apparently gone senile. It won't take long before he and other neocon blabbermouths begin trashing Benedict XVI for his anti-war stance."


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