Thursday, May 12, 2005

"Star Trek" as Wilsonian propaganda

In a post today at the blog, Norman Singleton writes:

"This Friday UPN will air the last episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, bringing the Star Trek franchise to an at least temporary end. Contrary to the Trekkies claims that Star Trek provided an 'optimistic view of the future,' Star Trek has always been propaganda for democratic imperialism. Star Trek was based on the notion that an enlightened society had a right, and maybe even a duty, to bring freedom and equality to the unenlightened. Of course, Star Trek's definition of an enlightened society was a democratic socialist state. In one of the movies we were even informed that money was abolished in the Trek universe since people had learned to work for the common good!"

Singleton correctly recommends Joss Whedon's Firefly as a great libertarian sci-fi alternative (and if you've followed this blog more than a month and still don't know about Firefly, shame on you).


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