Monday, July 04, 2005

Thinking about Independence Day

On this Independence Day 2005, “Jorge” at Sunni Maravillosa’s blog talks about why most Americans are ignorant of the nation’s history:

“...the rulers do not want Americans to know history. They do not want ‘good citizens,’ they want sheople. They want the equivalent of children. Knowing history, especially American history, if you are a citizen of the United States, means knowing that your country is unique. It means knowing that your country is the only nation on Earth founded on an idea. It means knowing what the idea was.”

At, Anthony Gregory likewise has big thoughts on this Fourth of July:

“Amidst all the collectivist economic disasters, the bloodshed and the attacks on the Bill of Rights, there is reason to hope. Like the founding generation of this country, most Americans now see themselves as independent from the State. Perhaps this Fourth of July is no reason to celebrate too excitedly. But we need not despair altogether. Today’s disaffection with the State may indeed become tomorrow’s contagion of liberty. Some time down the line, five, ten or fifteen years from now, if not as early as a year or two from now, we just might have true cause to celebrate our Independence Day with as much exuberance as the day, marking the greatest revolution in history, deserves.”


At 6:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As originally organized and instituted, the Constitution compelled no man, against his will and contrary to contract, to be his brother's keeper. This unique freedom unleashed the American impulses toward charity and uplift which the traditional states of Europe contemplated with amazement. The belated recognition of the essential humanity of the Negro chattel slaves and their wholesale emancipation corrected the Constitutional defect. The United States Supreme Court, preferring a malleable Founding Document more suitable for their forays into legislative enactments, have defaced the legacy of the Founders. Tomorrow will begin the arduous labors directed toward the correction of the Judiciary Function of American self gogernment, and the second Civil War will be forestalled by this splendid regeneration.


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