Saturday, August 27, 2005

Click It or DIE!

I got a wee bit of shit when I revealed here a few weeks ago that I'd been ticketed twice for seatbelt violations in a recent seven-week period. Some folks were sympathetic to my libertarian principles but still questioned the risk I take by refusing to "buckle up."

Well, the risk of not wearing a seatbelt, it seems, is even deadlier than my well-meaning friends -- or I -- ever imagined.

Last weekend, Edgar A. Vera, a father of two boys, died after having an adverse reaction to "non-lethal" pepper spray used on him by police officers in Allen, Texas. On August 4, Vera had been waiting outside a family member's house. Police responded to a "suspicious person call." When they arrived, the cops learned that Vera had an outstanding warrant for a seatbelt violation. Vera was hit with the pepper spray after "resisting arrest." For a friggin' seatbelt violation. As a result, he lingered on life-support for more than two weeks before he died.

You can find more about the incident here.


At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ardent propensity of Democracies to enact VIRTUE and SECURITY, which cannot be inflicted on an unwilling or indifferent populace, lumbers the Law Enforcement and Judiciary with make work and provides sinecures for louts who delight in harrassing the freedom-loving, recalcitrant citizen. Alcohol Prohibition was going to stop wife beating, while enlarging the Love Offerings at the Local Temple. That quest for Virtue gave us THE GODFATHER major motion pictures by way of Cicero, Illinois. Mandatory Helmet Laws for Cycle-Trash have interfered with the crash-culling of fools on the Highways of America. These simple examples of the impulse to bully licitly while pretending to do GOOD are listed instead of the awful social expense imposed by the economical "PROTECTIONS" enacted by the Legislatures and the Bureaucracies that batten on the fines and appropriations. How many "rice-bowls' are dependent upon the laws and regulations that govern what substances a citizen can ingest or inject into his very own body. So much for the LEFT'S hollering, "CHOICE"!

What to do? There is no cure that does not involve blood-letting. These United States have become too big and our MASTERS too remote. Let us break up this polity into several small successor states, which may then compete among themselves to attract the superior human being, who will live in freedom!

At 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I could say that's incredible, but sadly, I can't. And there's likely to be a lot more of that kind of crap before more people start wising up.


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