Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Libertarian Left: presenting a clean break

I can't recommend highly enough James Leroy Wilson's post "How is the Libertarian Left Different?" James does a bang-up job of drawing the line between libertarianisms Left and Right. Just listen to this:
"By being both anti-authoritarian and anti-corporate monopoly, Left Libertarians present a clean break from right-wing coalitions of neo-cons, the Religious Right, and Big Business. In opposing the war, in promoting local control (which many Greens do), in fighting state-sanctioned corporate privilege, and in fighting to protect our civil liberties, the Libertarian Left has far more in common with the Left than with the Right as it is presently identified.

"What this does not mean is that I prefer Hillary to Congressman Ron Paul. It does not mean outright partisanship in which liberals are my friends and conservatives my enemies. I still feel a sense of common cause with many on the Right, especially strict Constitutionalists. But historically the Right has been the party of the Establishment, of landed privilege. The Left has been opposed. Libertarianism ultimately belongs on the Left."
I don't think James declared himself a Man of the Left until quite recently. If that's the case, I welcome him to This Side.
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