Thursday, August 18, 2005

Pushin' back "V for Vendetta"

Sci Fi Wire is reporting that the Wachowski brothers' movie version of Alan Moore's graphic novel V for Vendetta, originally scheduled to open November 4, has been pushed back to March 17, 2006. I wrote about the movie here a few days ago.

In a statement, Warner Brothers said: "We have moved the release date of V for Vendetta ... to accommodate the movie's post-production schedule." Warner denies that the delay has anything to do with the film's subject matter or the current political climate. But you decide.
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At 6:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shit. I was already waiting impatiently for its release!

At 4:15 AM, Anonymous said...

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At 4:44 AM, Anonymous Earth4energy review said...

V for Vendetta is like its author's later Watchmen, a landmark in comic-book writing.


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