Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Economics of Fascism

I send monetary contributions to the Ludwig von Mises Institute about twice a year, and here's just one reason why: not only do they host groundbreaking and mindblowing seminars and conferences regularly, they offer them to us for FREE via their website. Last weekend, the Institute held an event titled The Economics of Fascism, featuring terrific educators and speakers like Ralph Raico, Lew Rockwell, Robert Higgs, Butler Shaffer, Roderick Long, Walter Block, and Hans-Hermann Hoppe (plus a dozen others). Well, both audio and video files from the whole weekend are now available for download at
"The word fascism is so often used as a swear word that we might sometimes forget that it really did exist as a system of political economy, and it continues to exist as a policy tendency. Like socialism, it took on different forms in different countries. Its spirit continues to exert a huge influence on the organization of economic life today."
Don't miss this.


At 9:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both Fascism and Communism are political, totalitarian regimes wherein the Party is Sovereign, and it employs the State as an Instrument Of Government Control over the State's Subjects. The Party establishes Policies, as well as interfering in social processes at the whim of Party Magnates. In both systems the Party is "infallible", and every social pathology is attributed to the soon-to-be-purged State Functionaries. Under Communism, the Means of Production are "Nationalized", which provides an economic basis for Social Control. Under Fascism the Human Subjects are "Nationalized", which provides a political basis for Economic Control. The present trend of the Red Chinese Regime would seem to demonstrate that Fascism is the HIGHEST Form Of Communism, since the Party's Princelings are endowed by the Regime with what appears to be a species of ownership of the Means Of Production. The rate of economic growth has been astonishing~~ SO FAR. I doubt it can last. The mis-allocation of resources and the distortions of the Human Spirit will engender the usual Marxist "Contradictions". Then the usual tidal wave blood will drown the Fascist Rally.


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