Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Still buzzing about SERENITY

There’s a lot of buzz about Whedon’s Serenity in the blogosphere right now. Over at The Time Sink, Scott Bieser reflects on his infatuation with the Firefly character River Tam. Actress Summer Glau, he writes, “reminds me very much of an 18-year-old girl I fell in love with during my second year of college. Amy wasn’t exactly like River, but then she hadn’t been tortured and maimed by Alliance mengeles.”

Meanwhile, B.W. Richardson offers some interesting news this morning:

“While I was disappointed that the film grossed ‘only’ $10 million its first weekend, I noticed this: A few weeks ago I checked the Amazon.com top seller’s list and was pleased to see the Firefly box set was No. 7 on Amazon’s science fiction DVD top seller list. The amazing news is that as of this morning, Firefly is No. 2 on the OVERALL DVD list. Not just in the science fiction genre, but overall. Only Disney’s Cinderella Special Platinum Edition is selling more DVDs for Amazon.

“What does this mean? My guess is that people who saw Serenity over the weekend loved it enough to shell out 35 bucks and learn more about this ’verse and these characters. And that, to me, bodes well for the future of this vision of the future.

“... It’ll be interesting to see if word of mouth keeps bringing people into the theater. Looks like a cultural phenomenon — or at least a cult phenomenon — in the making.”


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