Tuesday, September 27, 2005

SERENITY: Kuznicki checks in

Over at History News Network's "Liberty & Power" group blog, Jason Kuznicki offers his early review of Serenity, the sci-fi movie so many of us are dying to see this coming Friday. Kuznicki is a fan of Joss Whedon's Firefly TV series, from which Serenity spins. So his spoiler-free comments should interest most Browncoats. In part, Kuznicki writes:
"Don't let the flashy set pieces distract you; beneath the surface, Serenity has one of the most tightly constructed themes of any film, ever. Everything within it, every major action of every character, centers on how the individual should live in a world that is neither as virtuous nor as free as it ought to be. ...

"This brings me to one other aspect of the film that pleasantly astonished me: it is, without any question in my mind, the most pro-individualist, pro-liberty film since The Shawshank Redemption. Forget Batman Begins; for the classical liberal, this will be the film to see. All the same people who hated The Shawshank Redemption are going to hate Serenity -- and those who loved Shawshank are going to have the ride of their lives."


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