Wednesday, November 09, 2005

She's not Beatrix Kiddo anymore, but...

I was just complaining last weekend, after seeing her in the mediocre Prime (now in theaters), that I much prefer watching Uma Thurman kick butt than watching her moon over doomed love affairs with younger men. Would I ever see her in anything remotely like the great Kill Bill saga again?

Well, here's a shot of Uma from her movie Super Ex-Girlfriend, directed by Ivan Reitman and slated for release next July. The action-comedy also stars Luke Wilson, who plays a guy who discovers that his girlfriend (Uma, of course) is a superhero. When he breaks up with her for being too neurotic and controlling, she uses her super powers to torment and embarrass him.

OK, OK. I asked to see more of Uma kicking butt, but this has disaster written all over it.


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