Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Returning to a bolder sci-fi

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I just stumbled across a nine-month-old online posting by fannish legend Richard E. Geis (original publisher of the original Science Fiction Review) that simply must be shared. Writes Dick:

“Today I suggested to a publisher of science fiction and fantasy magazines that he start a new title, BOLD SCI-FI, which would unabashedly feature bawdy, action-filled sf-fantasy and horror stories. ...

“I’m more or less advocating a ‘return’ to 1930’s pulp fiction, only with more action realism and a bit of provocative sex. Grab the readers with a hook opening and keep the line taut till the end.

“But nowadays sf and fantasy text fiction, after decades and decades of struggling for respectability and ‘literary’ quality, would rather die the slow death of declining sales than admit they are in direct competition with a six-pack of beer or a pizza in the minds of casual readers. Dedicated readers of short story science fiction and fantasy are a dying breed. Let’s get at least some science fiction back in the gutter where it belongs.”

I’m in. Who’ll join me?


At 9:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

G'day Wal! I grew up reading all of Dad's old Galaxy and Astounding mags and loved them. Gollanz Publishing also did a swag of great short stories collections as well. I guess the last decent short story Sci-fi I have read was that double series edited by Harlan Ellison: "Dangerous Visions I & II". Hmm-Hmmm, did not even have to blow a spliff to get out of it, just read a story. I actually met him at a sci-fi convention in North Sydney (Oz) about 20 years ago, way cool guy. He wrote a short story, in a display window, in 4 hours and then read it out. bastardo!


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