Monday, December 05, 2005

Songs for an Anarchist Christmas, part 1

Looking for some unique Christmas tunes to delight your family and even raise eyebrows during the holidays? In 1976, New Libertarian Weekly published several alternative holiday tunes. Here’s one, of a series, written by the late Samuel Edward Konkin III.

Counter-Economic Xmas
(Tune of “O, Little Town of Bethlehem”)

We earn our daily bread
No T-men will...observe our still
Or Vice Squad see our bed.

No narcs will smell our hash pipes,
And OSHA is unknown.
Our disputes rate an arbitrate
We call our lives our own.

O, say, Middle American,
So tax-ed and controlled,
While you all sleep, Big Brothers keep
Their watch o’er their paroled.

Cast off your foul oppressors,
That call themselves your State.
And Xmas cheer, throughout the year
Be yours to celebrate.


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