Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's ALWAYS "for the kids"

California’s great. Really, it is. I love living here on its central coast. Coffee at the beach. Afternoons in the sunshine. Redwoods a short jaunt up the coast.

But we’ve also got Rob Reiner.

A few years ago, “child advocate” Reiner was instrumental in saddling California smokers with an extra tax or three to “help the kids.” The tax money was supposed to go to schools. Christ only knows where it really went, because the schools are crappier than ever.

Now Reiner’s collected the million signatures necessary to place his “Preschool for All Act” on next June’s state ballot. The initiative will tax-fund preschool for all four-year-old children in the state, one more step in Reiner’s efforts toward Universal Preschool.

Wendy McElroy has written a good piece today on the plans of this “well-intentioned, progressive” (i.e., statist) nitwit.

I think it was columnist Joe Sobran who once said that whenever someone uses the phrase “it’s for the children,” he can hear the jackboots of Empire in the distance.

I hear ’em. And they’re right outside the frickin’ door.

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