Sunday, November 20, 2005

Reflections on a terrific weekend

It’s always nice to spend time with like-minded libertarians. And Burt Blumert’s “Gold, Freedom, and Peace” benefit conference for in San Mateo this past weekend was super. It was wonderful, of course, to see Lew again, exchange words with Justin Raimondo, finally meet and have a nice chat with Anthony Gregory, and spend some quality time with dear friends Jane and Butler Shaffer. It was a pleasure also to meet lots of new friends, particularly Dan Spielberg, who seems to be devouring writings by Rothbard, Garrett, and other Old Rightists faster than he can download them. But the conference itself — attended by, oh, some 120 or so folks — was one of the best I’ve attended. The antiwar sentiment was passionate. Jacob Hornberger (Future of Freedom Foundation) gave a rousing talk against the war. Anthony Gregory (Independent Institute) spoke forcefully against the oxymoronic pro-war libertarians. And Justin Raimondo ( unraveled the mystery of exactly who makes up today’s War Party (FYI, they’re Trotskyite neocons). A big highlight was Congressman Ron Paul, who attended the entire conference. Yeah, I know I’d never vote for him, even if I lived in Texas, but his insider revelations about doings in Mordor — er, Washington — were (dare I say it?) fascinating and entertaining.

Cindy Sheehan, who was scheduled to attend, sent her regrets. Indeed, she was otherwise detained. Friday night, I saw CNN footage of her entering a courthouse.


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