Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bye bye, Claire!

Good comrade Claire Wolfe spoke the unspeakable on her blog this morning:

"MY YULE GIFT TO MYSELF this year is going to be Silence. Sometime around December 21, I'm getting rid of both my Internet connection and my land-line telephone.

"This feels risky, scary -- and absolutely delicious.

"I'm considering it a one-year experiment ... and I hope I have the guts to take it beyond one unconnected year."
So, for at least 12 months, no direct communication with Claire. No e-mails. No phone calls. Nada. Nuttin'. Zilch.

Claire says she'll post to her blog occasionally (from her local Hardyville library). Other than that, uh-uh.

Gonna miss you, Claire.


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