Thursday, January 05, 2006

Was Cuba behind the JFK hit?

JFK conspiracy buffs (among whom I include myself) might be intrigued by a new film by German director Wilfried Huismann titled Rendezvous with Death. The movie was shown to journalists in Berlin yesterday, but I don’t have details about a U.S. release date.

It seems the film is based on interviews with former Cuban secret agents, U.S. officials, and a Russian intelligence source, plus research in Mexican security archives. Huismann claims that Cuba was behind the Kennedy assassination, supplying Oswald with money and support.

Among those interviewed in the film is Laurence Keenan, 81, a former FBI agent who was sent to Mexico City immediately after November 22, 1963 to investigate a possible Cuban connection. He says he was recalled after just three days and that the probe was stopped. “This was perhaps the worst investigation the FBI was ever involved in,” he says. “I realized that I was used. I felt ashamed. We missed a moment in history.” Keenan adds that he’s convinced Lyndon Johnson blocked further investigative efforts.

Also interviewed in the film is former Secretary of State Alexander Haig, who was a U.S. military advisor in 1963.

The possibility of a Cuban connection to the JFK assassination isn’t a new idea. But this movie might be something to keep an eye out for.


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