Thursday, March 02, 2006

MLL pamphlets at your doorstep

I’m still getting requests for those handy-dandy, user-friendly PDFs of Samuel Edward Konkin III’s classic Movement of the Libertarian Left (MLL) pamphlets. I’ve reissued four so far: War or Liberty: The Real Choice, Introducing the MLL, Counter-Economics, and Tax is Theft! Expect more reissues in the coming months — then maybe some brand spankin’ new ones from Brad Spangler and/or myself.

Anyway, here’s the real point of this post: you don’t need to send me special requests for ’em anymore (though it’s always nice to hear from you guys). You can download these suckers right next door, from the sidebar at your right. The available pamphlets are listed under “Downloadable Pamphlets.”

Have a blast.


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