Sunday, April 02, 2006

The agorist imperative

From Samuel Edward Konkin III:

The agorist imperative is to transform the White [market] into Black. Nothing could be clearer. To do so is to create a libertarian society. What else can a libertarian society mean to economic terms but removing market activity from the control of the State? Market activity not under control of the State is black market. “Market” activity under the control of the State is white market and we are against it.

To illustrate, slaves building pyramids are white market. Slaves who run away, deal on the side stones and tools they ripped off, and otherwise engage in non-slave activity are black market — and free to that extent. What should the libertarian view be toward white-market pyramid building? Or, if you think pyramids would not exist in a free society but aqueducts might, what should our view be toward aqueduct building on the white market vs. black market water smuggling? New Libertarians urge the slaves to screw the aqueduct and go for their private buckets until such time as aqueducts can be built under voluntary arrangements.

(Strategy of the New Libertarian Alliance, No. 1, May Day 1981)


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