Saturday, May 06, 2006

I'm infected...and it ain't the bird flu!

I love serialized podcast novels. But I’ve always waited until all the weekly segments were available and the novels complete before beginning to listen. Until now. I just couldn’t wait to jump into Scott Sigler’s Infection, the gross-out follow-up to his two previous sci-fi horror thrillers Earthcore and Ancestor. So now I’m eight weeks into this goddamn thing, it’s Saturday, and Scott won’t have Part 9 available for download until sometime tomorrow night. I’m going batshit, friends. I need my Sigler fix! (I think I’m going back to my old “collect ’em all ’til it’s finished” routine after this...) Get on the bandwagon and listen to Infection. It’s free, fer chrissakes! (At least for the time being.)


At 11:29 AM, Blogger Scott Sigler said...

Ha! You're sucked in. None of that waiting till it's done cheating crap, you take your abuse every week just like everyone else.



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