Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Condolences to friend Warren

I had just dashed an e-note to my old pal Warren Bluhm, inquiring after Monday’s missing installment of his podcast of B.W. Richardson’s The Imaginary Bomb, when this arrived from B.W.:

The Imaginary Bomb is on a bit of a hiatus while Warren copes with the unexpected death of his dear mom. She got up Monday morning and told his dad she had a bad headache and went back to bed. When she was unresponsive that afternoon, the guys at the ER said she’d had a bad stroke, and she was taken off life support and passed away Tuesday evening. Today’s rain seems entirely appropriate.

The one good thing out of this is that Warren is here in New Jersey and we should get a meet-up out of this while he’s in town. I might be a little spotty around here myself while the two of us hoist a few brews and plan future endeavors together.

Warren, my mother passed away very similarly just seven years ago. I grieve with you.


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