Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Crappy production, powerful impact

“Capone” at the notorious Ain’t It Cool News site has posted a review of Aaron Russo’s new documentary film America: Freedom to Fascism, which opens “officially” on Friday. Capone writes:

“[The movie] looks like it was pieced together using a Commodore 64 computer. The graphics are terrible, the production value is non-existent, and the voiceover by filmmaker Aaron Russo sounds like a lung cancer patient on his last lung. But none of these things will stop the slow-building paranoia levels from simmering in your brain. ...

“Russo sees the United States as having lost its way, headed toward a police state, not so slowly but surely. As nothing more than an eye-opening look at the way financial institutions control our lives, this film is devastating enough, but Russo follows the natural pathways to the worldwide bigger picture. America: Freedom to Fascism is designed to overwhelm and frighten, and Mr. Russo should consider his mission accomplished.”

New libertarian friends Gail and Dick, who have already seen the Russo movie, told me over lunch today that at least one screening is scheduled soon in San Luis Obispo, just a few miles north of us here in Big Ditch. I will be in line.


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