Saturday, September 16, 2006

Crushing trademark scofflaws

A small, 10-seat café in Brooklyn has been forced to change its name from Little Dishes to Little D’Eatery. It seems the owners were visited recently by high-power attorneys for Uncommon Grounds, Inc., who own the federal trademark rights to the word Dishes®, the name of Uncommon Grounds’ Dishes® chain. The lawyers told the Little Dishes owners that having “Little” in their name wasn’t sufficient to prevent confusion among potential customers. So Little Dishes is now Little D’Eatery.

“As a new small business,” the Brooklyn restaurateurs wrote to their patrons, “we did not have the resources to fight to keep ‘Dishes’ part of our name and have agreed to make a change.”

Can everybody now understand why I have a problem with federal trademark and copyright laws? Sheesh. I need a break. Maybe I’ll grab a cup of coffee®, drive down to the beach®, and listen to some music® or read a good book® for awhile.


At 4:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

True, trademarks have gone completely crazy. Imagine, trademarking the word, "bookshelf", "windows", and "dishes". Absolutely absurd.

However, the most egregious trademark has to be the one issued to Radio Shack.

The official "registered mark" denoting registration is a capital "R", serif font, enclosed within a circle.

What is the Radio Shack trademark? A capital "R", serif font, enclosed within a Circle. Its only difference is that the "R" is offset a bit.

Totally ridiculous.



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