Monday, September 11, 2006

In pursuit of counter-economics

In an excellent piece for Strike-The-Root-com last Friday (“Creating a Calculated Revolution — In Your Neighborhood”), comrade Per Bylund advises libertarians to eschew both politics and revolutionary force as tactics for change and pursue instead counter-economics as a strategy. I wish Per had credited Samuel Edward Konkin III, the late granddaddy of agorist Left Libertarianism, for first detailing this strategy 26 years ago in New Libertarian Manifesto, but he does offer a nice link to Great piece. If I may quote from it in part:

[Counter-economics] takes about as much time and energy as would any other strategy, but with the substantial difference of creating real freedom for you and doing it now. ...

[This strategy’s] success must be considered much greater than the alternatives: to engage in politics or direct and speedy revolution. The beauty of this idea is that it is so simple: you only have to live your life in the way you already tell people you want to live it. It does not involve politics, compromises or force, yet it is essentially a controlled revolutionary process towards a much better world.

Counter-economics is a very simple and powerful strategy for creating a truly libertarian world, starting with yourself and your neighborhood. It is a mystery that libertarians do not embrace it, especially considering the alternatives.

Hat tip to Tom Ender for pointing me to this article.

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At 12:11 AM, Blogger Per Bylund said...

Well, perhaps I should've credited SEK3. I'm not sure why I forgot to. I didn't forget to credit Konkin and link to New Libertarian Manifesto in a recent article on A Strategy for Forcing the State Back.

I did, however, link to (as you note) and the MLL pamphlet on Counter-economics.

Next time I'll make sure to add appropriate credits.

At 11:11 AM, Blogger iceberg said...

Do you participate with your local crime syndicate to give voice as to whom the associates should target and offer their 'protection' services?

I disdain voting with equal repugnance, and perhaps even more because your local thug doesn't put on a show of self righteousness.


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