Monday, November 06, 2006

The Campaign Trail

Reporter: “We contribute to the local newspaper. The Tally Ho, you know. This is red hot stuff, you know. Haven’t had a candidate of your caliber for ages.”

No. 6: “Congratulations.”

Reporter: “How are you going to handle your campaign?”

No. 6: “No comment.”

Reporter (scribbling): “Intends to fight for freedom at all costs. How about internal policy?”

No. 6: “No comment.”

Reporter (scribbling): “Will tighten up on Village security. How about your external policy?”

No. 6: “No comment.”

Reporter (scribbling): “Our exports will operate in every corner of the globe. How do you feel about life and death?”

No. 6: “Mind your own business.”

Reporter (scribbling): “No comment.”

[From the 1960s TV series The Prisoner, “Free for All”]


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