Sunday, April 29, 2007

A surveillance camera for every 14 people

More than 4 million surveillance cameras now dot Britain, one for every 14 people. In fact, a new report from Richard Thomas, the U.K.'s information commissioner, claims the nation is in danger of "committing slow social suicide" due to the "creeping encroachment" on civil liberties created by e-mail monitoring, the use of CCTV cameras, and other policies.

Is everyone feeling safe yet?


At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have a houseguest from London who just left today. He was complaining about what a Nanny-state it is. He said that besides the CCTVs, there are now speakers, so a voice from the control center comes on and tells you to pick up the litter you just dropped or yells at people who are starting a fight! He said the business world is the same. The stop-smoking laws are about to go into effect and employers have to give employees three weeks off if they want to kick smoking! He says people basically have a job for life and get time off for "illnesses" they don't have to prove. They're very lenient on time off for "stress". He has an employee that has been off for "depression" for two years. Chris saw the guy in a pub, having a good time with friends and reported it to HR. They told him it didn't matter because the guy needs to get out of the house. When he tried to change people's hours, give them goals and standards, everyone was horrified. He also says that if an unmarried woman has a child, she gets money, free housing, car allowance, etc that is more than a worker would get. I guess we're not as bad off as it could be.



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