Thursday, September 13, 2007

Is "Shoot 'Em Up" anti-gun?

"dirty harry" over at Libertas, the neoconservative Hollywood gadfly site, is bitching about the pro gun-control message of the movie Shoot 'Em Up, which I gave a positive review to here on Sunday. Hmm. From a Left Libertarian perspective, "harry" seems to miss a few important points. First, the anti-gun senator in the film is a goddamn baby-marrow harvester, slaughtering infants and their mothers to keep himself alive. Not a particularly sterling character and certainly not a "good guy." And second, the big gun manufacturer in the film is in cahoots with government bureaucrats to crush his opposition and competition.

If you're an action geek, see the movie. I doubt your libertarian sensibilities will be terribly rattled.

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At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you serious? The phrase "pussy with a gun" is repeated over and over. I am a libertarian too and it was pretty easy to see that this was a movie with good action/man-movie potential that was ruined because someone wanted to stick in an anti-gun message and take cheap shots at gun owners. "What do you think of a pussy with a gun?" "You can turn from a pussy into a man..." "what do you think of the second amendment now?". It was ridiculous.

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