Saturday, June 21, 2008

An inconvenient heat

Where I live on California’s central coast is where people usually go to get away from the heat. We have a very moderate climate, and the temps year-round generally stay within a range of 55-75 degrees. Sure, there are days at my house when the temperature outside might hit the mid-80s, but I can count those days on one hand each year. Our house isn’t air-conditioned; it’s never had to be.

Well, that heat wave on the west coast you’ve been hearing about has struck us with a vengeance. This is Day Four of our “hell on earth.” Temperatures have reached 100 degrees in our little neck o’ the woods, and things don’t even begin to cool off until late into the night. “But at least it’s a dry heat,” people tell me. “Shut the hell up,” I tell them. There are only so many layers of clothing I can peel off. Yes, friends, it gets ugly. Think I'll skip the car show this weekend.

Weather’s supposed to break starting tomorrow and become more “seasonal,” which is about 70 degrees for us this time of year. We’ll see.



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