Friday, August 22, 2008

PRIMEVAL has dinosaurs, sex appeal

Comic-Con last month was pretty much nonstop 24/7. So to rest my throbbing feet, I’d often slip into the nearest panel, not really caring what it was about.

One was for Primeval, the British time warp, dinosaurs-in-the-bedroom series that debuted on BBC America just two weeks ago. My interest was piqued enough to take a look. The show’s worth pursuing if you haven’t already. The special effects are excellent, the characters are likeable (with the exception of those who aren’t intended to be likeable), and the writers have done a good job of holding back just enough info to keep me tuning in each Saturday.

To be completely honest, one reason I keep tuning in Primeval is 27-year-old Hannah Spearritt, who plays Abby, the jaw-droppingly adorable reptile expert. So far, Hannah hasn’t fallen too deeply into a damsel-in-distress routine, but she has mastered The Scream. And the show’s producers have already had her do a dance in her underwear.

You’ll know where to find me tomorrow night at 9:00.

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