Thursday, October 02, 2008

The power elite shows its hand

Lemme tell ya, this week’s Wall Street bailout soap opera has done wonders for my credibility with friends and family. Before, when I’d even mention the term “power elite,” many would just chuckle and roll their eyes. Today, not so much. After all, without power elite theory, how else do you explain the lockstep support for pork-ridden, failure-guaranteed bailouts by both Republican and Democrat leaders, the Wall Street Journal, the foremost think tanks, every major metropolitan newspaper, all broadcast media, academics, corporate suckfish, and howling political pundits of both Right and Left — at a time when 75 percent of Americans recognize The Lie and vehemently oppose such bailouts?

Yes, indeed. The power elite, the puppet masters, the higher order, the shadow government, whatever the hell you want to call these bastards, have really shown their hand this week as they whine, cry, then rail against a public that “just doesn’t understand the fine workings of the economy and the urgency of this crisis.”

Sure, there will be a bailout. Because our rulers want it. And whatever they want, they get by one means or another.

But to win this particular battle, the elites have had to step into the light, where everybody recognizes them, even my conspiracy-phobic friends. And that’s something our shadowy masters hate to do. It scares the piss out of them.

Well, good.

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