Monday, March 30, 2009

RIP Burt Blumert (1929-2009)

Burt Blumert died this morning from cancer. He had just turned 80 last month.

I knew Burt only peripherally. He was president of the Center for Libertarian Studies, which he founded with the great Murray Rothbard in 1975. He was chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. And he was publisher of the Journal of Libertarian Studies, the Austrian Economics Newsletter, the Rothbard-Rockwell Report, and Of course, over the years, I’ve written for And over the past 15 years, Debbie and I attended many of Burt’s “weekends” in both San Mateo, CA, and even Arlington, VA — for the old John Randolph Club, the Triple-R, and LRC. He was always welcoming, always friendly. And though I only saw him on those special weekends, he always greeted me like an old friend, as he did everyone.

I’ll miss Burt.

[Photo: Burt, Lew Rockwell, David Gordon, and Murray Rothbard]

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At 12:20 PM, Anonymous fish said...

I bought my first gold coins from Burt in 2004. He took a personal check from a perfect stranger and spent 20 minutes educating me on the nature of gold backed money.

A true gentleman!

At 7:51 PM, Anonymous thesilentcritic said...

Rest in Peace, Burt. You will be missed.


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