Monday, June 13, 2005

Flag Day 2005

Hey, kids, tomorrow is Flag Day, the birthday of the flag of the United States. While everybody else is worshipping the Stars 'n Stripes, keep in mind what Murray Rothbard wrote several years ago:
"Everyone has the right to buy or weave and therefore own a piece of cloth in the shape and design of an American flag (or in any other design) and to do with it what he will: fly it, burn it, defile it, bury it, put it in the closet, wear it, etc. Flag laws are unjustifiable laws in the violation of the rights of private property."
Anyway, I'll be flying the Gadsden flag tomorrow. It's even older than the American flag and is much truer to the spirit of Jefferson and Paine. And it drives the neighbors bonkers.


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