Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Democracy: the scum also rises

I love the White House spin on the Iraqi election results announced Sunday in which pro-Iranian forces clobbered Bush favorite, Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, who finished third in the race.

"It's a great thing that democracy is emerging in Iraq," said Bush spokesman Scott McClellan. He later added, "This is an Iraqi process and the Iraqi leaders have made clear they are committed to a representative government, a government that's inclusive."

You could almost hear the beginning of a sob in his voice.

The Bush administration and its neoconservative cheerleaders arrogantly thought that if they spent $300 billion to crush Saddam and stage democratic elections, any Iraqi vote would have to go their way and Iraqis would choose to "Westernize." Well, no...

By the way, to those who use the words democracy and freedom interchangeably (as the White House always does, no matter who's in office): democracy isn't freedom, folks. It's just a method of replacing one master with a potentially crappier one.


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