Friday, April 01, 2005

12 tips for toppling tyrants

Hands down, Claire Wolfe is the clearest thinker in the freedom movement when it comes to strategy and tactics. Here's what she's saying:
"Our strategy must be one suited to more patient, watchful, (and for the moment) downright sneaky people.

"We must wear tyrants down without wearing ourselves out! And we must also remember that every tyranny, every empire, every top-heavy government will eventually defeat itself with its own excesses. Our greatest roles will be first to give tyranny a push when it's starting to wobble and second to be ready to restore freedom in its place. Act too soon, act randomly, or act foolishly -- and we defeat ourselves rather than our enemies.

We are small, so we must be very, very, very wise."
I urge you to read Claire's "Twelve Tips for Toppling Tyrants" in its entirety.


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